Home Insurance

Your home is special and so requires special home insurance. Those who value insurance as much as the value of their home often need a little more peace of mind.We can help you decide which home insurance policy best fits your needs. 

Unlimited Home Insurance

Should the worst happen, discovering you are underinsured could be heart breaking. We work with a panel of quality Home Insurance companies, some can offer unlimited cover. This means that whatever the value of your loss, you can be confident you’re covered. 

Home Emergency Cover

When you take out home insurance with us, you can choose to add home emergency cover to your policy. This provides a sum of money for each claim to cover the cost of labour, parts and materials for emergency repairs at your home.

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High Value Home Insurance

You can be sure your high value home insurance policy is handled with trust and professionalism. Our high net worth insurance is there to protect your belongings against the greater potential risk of theft, so you can have complete confidence that your valuables are covered, whether you keep them at home or travel with them. 

Legal Expenses

For a small increase in the cost of your home insurance, you can receive £100,000 of legal expenses cover. This add-on is designed to protect you if you’re faced with paying for legal action or advice.