Car Insurance

At Got You Covered we believe everyone has the right to reasonably priced car insurance. In addition to standard car insurance we offer some non-standard cover as detailed on this page. 

Young Driver Insurance

Learner and newly qualified drivers often struggle to find affordable car insurance. We offer reliable competitively priced  young driver car insurance by searching a panel of top UK car insurance providers to get you our cheapest quote. We also offer a range of great discounts and benefits.

Convicted Driver Insurance

A driving conviction can leave you counting the cost for years when it comes to car insurance. Whether you've picked up a ban, points on your licence for speeding, drink-driving or other motoring offences, we will help find suitable cover. 

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Whatever your car insurance needs our motor team will be happy to help. 

We love helping our customers.

Modified and Imported Cars

We have specific insurance schemes in place to cover all types of modified or imported car. Your modified car may have something as simple as a different exhaust or suspension, right up to a complete vehicle change – engine, body, suspension, brakes, interior, race spec etc. We can cover almost any risk presented to us for modified car insurance.

Performance Car Insurance

We know that people who buy their dream car take special care of it and often keep them as cherished vehicles and have another vehicle for daily use. Because of this we are able to offer high quality policies at extremely competitive rates.