Renewable Fuels

E10 Petrol What is E10 Petrol? E10 petrol contains renewable ethanol, around 10% of the fuel is made up of this. This has been an increase from what we have previously known in the UK where only 5% has been renewable. E10 is currently in use around the world including Europe & the US – […]

Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars in 2021 In 1968 the movie ‘The Love Bug’ was released and introduced, perhaps everyone’s favourite VW Beetle, Herbie. A little bit of Disney magic allowed Herbie to drive by itself and give him the power of sentience allowing for a real bond between car and driver. Fast forward to 2021 and the […]

Mobile Phone Laws

Use of Mobile phones whilst driving.UK Government is set to introduce changes to the law concerning the use of mobile phones when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Whilst it has been an offence in the UK to use a hand-held mobile device when you are driving since 2003, loopholes have been found which meant […]